Don’t Get Burned: The Importance of Accurate Record Keeping for Fire Alarm Systems

Why is record keeping important?

  • Compliance with fire codes and regulations: Many cities and states have specific requirements for fire alarm systems, including regular inspections and testing. Having accurate records of these activities can help demonstrate compliance and prevent fines or penalties.
  • Identifying and addressing issues: Keeping records of all inspections, tests, and repairs allows you to track the overall health of your fire alarm system. This can help identify issues early on and prevent potential problems from becoming larger and more costly.
  • Insurance requirements: Many insurance companies require evidence of regular fire alarm inspections and maintenance in order to provide coverage. Having accurate records can help ensure your coverage remains in place and that you are protected in the event of a fire.
  • Demonstrating due diligence: In the event of a fire, having records of all fire alarm inspections, tests, and repairs can help demonstrate that you have taken all necessary steps to maintain and protect your property.

How to keep records

  • Use a digital record-keeping system: Many fire alarm service companies, such as ASAP Fire Protection, offer digital record-keeping systems that allow you to easily track and access all of your fire alarm records.
  • Keep detailed records of all inspections, tests, and repairs: This includes the date, time, and results of each activity, as well as the name of the technician who performed the work.
  • Make sure records are easily accessible: Keep records in a central location that is easily accessible to all relevant parties, including fire department officials, insurance representatives, and building management.
  • Keep records for at least 5 years: Many fire codes and regulations require records to be kept for at least 5 years.

By keeping accurate and up-to-date records of all fire alarm inspections, tests, and repairs, you can help ensure compliance with local fire codes and regulations, identify and address issues early on, and demonstrate due diligence in the event of a fire. As a bonus, ASAP Fire Protection offers digital records keeping services for free for its clients for 5 years.

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