Fire Safety During Hot Summer Draughts in Houston, TX

wildfire in Houston

Hot summer draughts can create a perfect storm for spontaneous ignition and grass fires. Dry vegetation, high temperatures, and strong winds can all contribute to the spread of fire. Houston, TX is no stranger to this, as we have experienced a number of devastating grass fires in recent years.

Just yesterday, a firefighter was hospitalized for burns after battling a grass fire along FM 362 in Waller County. The fire spread quickly due to the hot and dry conditions, and the firefighter was injured when he was caught in the flames.

Link to News Article: Texas Firefighter injured fighting wildfire

This is just one example of the dangers of grass fires during hot summer draughts. It is important to take steps to protect yourself and your property from these fires.

  • Clear away dry vegetation around your home and property.
  • Dispose of cigarettes properly.
  • Leave campfires unattended.
  • Be careful with machinery that can create sparks.
  • Report any suspicious activity.

If you see a fire, call 911 immediately.

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