Safeguarding Progress in the City of Houston: Best Practices for Fire Alarm System Maintenance During Construction

Approved Options for Maintaining Fire Alarm Systems

  1. Molded Plastic Cups and Bags:

    Approved installation over smoke detectors with a meticulous process. Building Management ensures proper installation, removal, and verification procedures. Daily documentation includes contact names and designated personnel for fire alarm activation.
  2. Replacement with Rate-of-Rise Heat Detectors:

    Smoke detectors can be replaced with rate-of-rise heat detectors, with exceptions in elevator lobbies. Elevator lobbies must have cups or bags installed over smoke detectors.

Non-Negotiables: What’s Not Allowed

Strict prohibition on disabling an alarm system by device, zone, or floor, as well as complete deactivation of the fire alarm system.

Demolition Protocols

  1. Notify the Houston Fire Department:

    Contact the Office of Emergency Communications at (713) 884-3143.
  2. Explore Temporary Alternatives:

    Check with an alarm company for alternatives, ensuring a temporary standpipe and two exits meet minimum requirements.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Violation of requirements may result in Fire Code citations, fines ranging from $500 to $2000, and potential fines for False Fire Alarm Ordinance violations (Fire Code, Section 109.3).

Contact ASAP Fire Protection for Expert Guidance

For seamless coordination of fire alarm installation and modification during construction or remodeling, contact ASAP Fire Protection at: Ensuring the safety of occupants during construction is a shared responsibility. Adherence to guidelines guarantees a seamless construction process without compromising fire alarm system functionality.